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Browser Support

Browser, where we search for our queries. Browser, where we get to learn some new things. Everything that we do on the internet is through the browser. Most popular browsers among the users are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. All these browsers have good demand among the users and it's continuously increasing at the good rate. 

To get more and complete detail about the browsers, click on the given link-
  As the name suggests, this article will share simple points to install the new browsers. 

Install Internet Explorer- To download the Internet Explorer, go to the official website of the- 
After visiting the official page, a page will appear on the screen asking for the language and version of the browser. Simply select your preferred language, to select the version of the browser, simply go to the drop-down menu given in the third column and select the version according to your need. After selecting the language and the version, click on the download button given in the last column. 
After hitting the Download button, a window will appear on the screen, click on the Run button. 
After completion of the download process, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation process. 
After completion of the installation process, restart the computer. 

Install Mozilla Firefox- To download the Mozilla Firefox, simply write in the search bar of the browser. 
After visiting the above-said webpage, the download button will appear on the screen, click on it to get the Firefox on to the computer. Wait for the downloading process to get complete, follow the on-screen instruction to install the chrome on the computer. 

After installing the Firefox on the computer, a window asking for making the Firefox as the default browser will appear on the screen. To make it as a default browser, click OK. 

Install Google Chrome- To install the Chrome browser on the computer, visit the official website Chrome support
 After visiting the official website an option of the Download will appear on the screen, to download the chrome, click on it. 
After clicking on the Download button, windows displaying the Terms and services of the chrome browser will appear on the screen, click on Accept and install button. 
After completion of the installation process, the icon of the Chrome browser will be added to the desktop. Launch the Chrome browser, simply by double-clicking on it.